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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Looking for the best regular cannabis seeds on the market today? Bud Champion has your needs in mind. As regular seeds are the backbone of the cannabis industry, Bud Champion offers the biggest choice possible below. Today, regular seeds remain at the core of cannabis growing and breeding, offering well-known, legendary strains that cannabis users have come to know and love. They’re often preferred by old school growers for their authenticity and stability, but they have a place in the modern cannabis scene too. Despite genetic breakthroughs, sometimes the original is the best.

Regular Seeds: Maintaining Traditional Cannabis Genetics

Regular seeds provide cannabis the way nature intended. While the first cannabis seeds were plucked out of plants thousands of years ago, these ancient seeds still form the foundation of the cannabis industry today. While regular marijuana  seeds might have taken a backseat to advanced genetics and high-tech feminised and autoflowering strains in the modern age, none of these developments would have been possible without regular cannabis seeds. The fact is, Cannabis is a naturally-occurring plant – always has been – and in the end, regular cannabis seeds are an essential part of maintaining a strong, healthy and diverse pool of genetics for future generations to enjoy.

Regular cannabis seeds offer a natural growing experience; consisting of pure seedlings not genetically modified or chemically altered in any way. Such seedlings offer unadulterated, pure genetics formed through breeding both male & female parents, producing approx. 50/50 male and female offspring. These types are a firm favourite for old-school growers and newbies alike; offering the chance to cultivate both male and female plants for their own breeding experiments. For more advanced breeders, the ease and convenience of feminised or autoflower seeds might not always be so attractive. It might take away the inconvenience of separating males from females, but it also limits what’s possible through cannabis seed harvesting.

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are completely natural marijuana seeds that haven’t been chemically altered in any way. When their plants finally emerge, they have a 50% chance of budding as males or females just the way nature intended. You won’t know the plant’s gender until flowering begins, so if you’re goal is to yield pure cannabinoid buds, you’ll have to separate the males from the females. For this reason, new users tend to avoid regular seeds as the growing process is a little more complex than some other seeds on the market. However, since regular cannabis seeds are natural and unchanged, they do come with a number of incredible benefits, including:

  • High, potent yields
  • More stable than other seed types
  • Wide variety of available strains
  • Rare, natural genetics
  • Production of both genders, allowing for creation of new seeds
  • No chemical agents

If you want an even mixture of male and female plants, then regular cannabis seeds are the best choice. Both sexes allow for the creation of new strains by isolating your preferred genetics and improving on them. Additionally, if you plan on taking cuttings, regular seeds are preferred since they’re able to produce vigorous and healthy clones without losing any of the seed’s original genetics.

Advantages Of Regular Weed Seeds

Deciding which type of seed is right for you can be a difficult choice. After all, there’s a lot to take into consideration. It comes down to your personal preferences; do you prefer quality over speed, are you experienced or novice, do you have the time and knowledge to apply adequate care and attention to your batches? Every seed type comes with a long list of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do a little research to find out which suits would sync with your personal circumstances. But what are the main advantages regular seeds have over their modern counterparts?

Less Sensitive

One of the benefits of regular cannabis seeds is that once the male plants have been discarded, the remaining females become much studier and more resistant to stressful conditions. If you’re looking for highly stable cannabis plants, then the plants grown from regular marijuana seeds are usually hardy enough to withstand any changes in the growing environment (for example, a abrupt change in the light cycle, a lack of water, or excessive fertilisation,) without displaying any male characteristics (also known as hermaphroditism). While regular seeds are often favoured by experienced breeders and growers, they’re just as useful for rookie growers because there’s much more room for manoeuvre and error.

Hybrid Creations

Growing your own plants from seeds is one thing, but actually creating your own unique strains is something every cannabis enthusiast strives for. For those people who want to leave their mark on the cannabis scene via new strains, hybrid creations are only possible through the use of regular seeds. As hybrids require genetics from male and female parent plants, this means regular cannabis seeds need to be involved in the process as they’re the only seeds with male components. Since hybrids facilitate the growth of the cannabis industry, this is just another reason why regular seeds are so important to cannabis preservation.

Legendary Genetics

Another reason to grow regular marijuana seeds is that some of the best old-school varieties never made it into the feminised market, and eventually passed into oblivion. There are some jewels prior to the ‘90s that aren’t available in feminised version, as many strains that existed during the last 50 years have often been kept only in their regular form. Therefore, growing regular seeds also allows you to go back in time and grow unprecedented genetics. And remember: experimenting with regular cannabis seeds can be particularly gratifying. It is also the best way to learn the differences between the sexes of cannabis plants and the basic concepts of hybridisation.

All Natural

Growing and maintaining cannabis requires harmonisation with nature. Many breeders tend to be pro-green when it comes to preserving plant life and genetics that have been on the earth for centuries, and when it comes to cannabis, there’s nothing more natural than regular marijuana seeds. These seeds haven’t been chemically altered or showered with toxicants to strip away their natural genetic make-up. For a lot of growers, Mother Nature sits alongside them during the whole process, so they’ll do everything they can to ensure they sync with nature’s way. While feminised and autoflower seeds have all been tampered with beforehand, regular seeds maintain the exact properties as they did thousands of years ago.

Lower Cost

As regular marijuana seeds have simply been plucked from their mother plants, this means they haven’t undergone any chemical alterations before being shipped to the customer. Therefore, regular seeds come at a significantly lower cost than their feminised cannabis seeds or autoflowering counterparts because there’s no value-added cost applied to them by the breeder, and this cost-saving is passed on to the buyer. Of course, this low cost is off-set by the fact you’ll get male plants in your batch, but since there’s a guarantee of at least some female plants per batch, the cost still works out cheaper than it would for feminised or autoflower varieties.

Regular Cannabis Seeds And Germination

Throughout your journey into the cannabis world, you’ve probably come across the word ‘germination’ a few times. Germination is the beginning of your seed’s life, and if you want the best genetics, it’s best to get things off to a healthy start. This is when seeds begin to grow and sprout into seedlings, and once plants reach this stage, you can rest assured that vigorous, healthy buds will be arriving soon. There are a number of methods to germinate your seeds, and one question that you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you’ll be growing in or outdoors. Here’s a short germination guide.

How Does Germination Work?

There are a number of ways to germinate seeds, but the most effective is to plant the seeds straight into soil. This is called direct germination and it allows the plants to thrive in their natural environments. Once effective germination begins, a white tendril will emerge from the seed, also known as the taproot. This taproot will grow, pushing the seed out of the ground as the shell begins to crack. Over the ensuing weeks, leaves will begin to form on the plant. Once you see the leaves with jagged edges (serrations), you’ll know that germination has been effective. For maximum success, marijuana seeds require the following for maximum germination rates:

  • Moisture – Water your seeds once every 24-32 hours, but be sure not to completely soak them, especially in the early stages.
  • Lack of stress – Don’t tamper with the seeds once they’re planted. Leave them alone until the taproot appears. Additionally, be careful when checking the seeds and try not to directly touch the white root as it can easily snap.
  • Warmth – Cannabis seeds need warmth to ensure maximum germination, but don’t over-expose them to heat. While germination can occur during colder seasons, the best germination occurs around spring time.
  • Root down – If you need to replant your germinated seeds elsewhere, be sure to point the taproot towards into the soil.
  • Knuckle deep – Along the same lines, don’t plant the seeds too far down in the soil. They should be around half an inch to one inch below the surface.

Can Regular Seeds Be Grown Outside?

Growing cannabis outdoors is efficient because you can rely on natural light cycles to perpetuate growth. Providing you place seeds in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, this combined with regular maintenance will ensure that seeds experience optimal conditions to thrive. However, you will be beholden to the seasons, meaning you can only really grow from early spring to early autumn, but it means you don’t have to rely on specialist indoor equipment. Outdoor growing also provides maximum space for plants to grow and spread, this offering higher yields than contained indoor spaces. Here’s a short list of the best regular marijuana seeds to grow outdoors:

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Can Regular Marijuana Seeds Be Grown Inside?

Yes, regular marijuana seeds can be grown indoors. Growing indoors is the preferred method for most regular seed buyers as it gives them more control over their grow space. You’ll be able to control light schedules at the click of a button and monitor watering to the nearest drop. Temperature and humidity can be modified using fans, heaters, and humidifiers. The main limitation of growing indoors is space. You can get away with growing medium-sized indica strains, but towering sativas will be out of the question for most people. Here’s a short list of the best regular cannabis seeds to grow indoors:

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Best Light Cycles For Regular Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, it’s crucial to understand light cycles to ensure maximum results from your grows. If you’re growing indoors, you can maintain 24 hours of light on your seeds during their vegetative state for around 60 days. If you’re planning on growing cannabis outdoors, then the earth’s natural rhythm will do the hard work for you.

The natural light cycles offer optimal conditions for plants to grow providing you plant them at the right time of the year. It’s advised to plant cannabis in early May to benefit from the balance of sunlight and darkness that comes with spring temperatures. You can plant in spring, summer or autumn with reasonable results.

Breeding With Regular Seeds

With regular cannabis seeds, you’re able to create your own personalised marijuana strains. The crossing of two distinct strains to create a brand new one allows the cannabis industry to continually evolve, with new strains hitting the market on a regular basis. Hybrid strains allow users to extract desired properties from two parent plants and combine them to create a balanced strain of all effects. For this to take place, you’ll need both male and female plants, which is why this is only possible with regular cannabis seeds. Here’s a quick guide to breeding with regular marijuana seeds.

Step 1 – Collect Pollen From Male Plants

The first step is to choose a male specimen with the properties you want to extract. If you want an Indica-dominant strain, select an Indica plant. If you want tall plants, choose the tallest male plant in your batch. If you want progenies of productive males, select the plant that has the most visible pollen sacs. Once you’ve made your decision, place a plastic bag over the branch and shake the plant to release the pollen into the bag.

Step 2 – Fertilise Females

Before entering your female grow space, change your clothes and gloves because any persistent pollen could inadvertently fertilise plants you don’t want fertilising. Next, select the female plants you want to fertilise. Dab the pollen with a paintbrush and gradually stroke the flowers you want to fertilise with the male plant’s pollen. Stroke the flowers on a handful of branches on each plant then make a note which branches you’ve pollinated (or label them with a tag). After three hours, then gently spray the fertilised plants with water to remove any excess pollen.

Step 3 – Harvest Seeds

After 2-6 weeks, you’ll be able to reap fertilised flowers from these female plants. Once they’ve matured, dry them out and store them for 4-5 weeks. Once this is complete, your seeds will be ready for germination. You can then plant the seeds, grow them and sample them once they’re consumable. This is the entire breeding process and it’s what has kept the cannabis industry alive for over two decades. More importantly, none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for regular cannabis seeds.

Who Benefits The Most From Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds offer stable plants, traditional genetics and the ability to create brand new strains the world is yet to taste. Generally, regular cannabis seeds are favoured by seasoned growers who have the knowledge, equipment and experience to grow and breed cannabis, but rookie users will also get a lot of use out of regular cannabis seeds too. Given their versatility and general appeal, growers of all experience levels will find something to love about regular cannabis seeds.

Why Choose Bud Champion For Regular Cannabis Seeds

Bud Champion is a reputable UK-based marijuana seed bank founded and run by a team of cannabis lovers with a passion for the industry. Bud Champion have operated within the cannabis market for many years, accruing a loyal worldwide customer base and continuing to grow in popularity year on year. Here at Bud Champion, we reassure you the customer that you’ll always come first time and time again, whether you’re a regular customer or a first time buyer. We pride ourselves on high quality products, customer satisfaction and a vast choice of strains sure to satisfy any buyer regardless of their experience level.

We stop at nothing to ensure you receive your order no matter where in the world you’re located. We continually update our prices to guarantee that you’re always getting the best return on your investment, and we stand by our customers through every step of the process, from purchasing to after-sale care. All of our products are shipped in plain packaging to keep your seed-buying activities discreet. The privacy of our customers is one of our top priorities and we ensure that no personal data is kept on our system. With Bud Champion, you’ll receive outstanding customer service and high quality seeds with every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about regular seeds or the seed germination process? We’ve put together a short list of the most common questions to help quickly find your answer. If you have any additional questions about regular cannabis seeds, please contact us.

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