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Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Need feminised seeds? Look no further than Bud Champion. On this page you’ll find enough choice to satiate your cannabis appetite, whether you’re looking for THC-heavy or CBD-dominant strains. With our range of female seeds, you won’t have to worry about separating the two parent plants. Bud Champion has a huge selection of feminised seeds on our marijuana seed bank. Browse our product range below to find the perfect female seed for your cannabis collection. Choose from a range of popular breeders such as Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, Bud Champion Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Fast Buds, Rserve Privada and many more.

Feminised Seeds: Guaranteed Female Buds

The cannabis industry has come a long way in a short time. While we once had to rely on regular seeds, complex growing processes and excessive maintenance to grow cannabis plants, modern biochemical advancements have significantly simplified the process. With the advent of feminised cannabis seeds, growers can now rely on predetermined genetics to ensure that their seeds produce bountiful buds every single time. Feminised seeds might be a relatively new arrival on the scene (having only been introduced in 1990s), but they’ve fast become the go-to seed type for growers who favour simplicity above all else.

Growing from feminised seeds comes with a host of advantages, the most common of which is convenience. Separating male from female plants is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the growing process, but feminised marijuana seeds do away with this hassle so you can spend more time focussing on other areas of cultivation. Not only are they a massive time-saver, but they’ll help make the most of your growing space by filling it with solely with smokable buds. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about feminised weed seeds and which Bud Champion strains might be best for you.

How Do Feminised Cannabis Seeds Work?

Cannabis plants that are fertilized naturally or via classic breeding techniques have a 50% chance of producing male or female seeds. These are known as regular seeds and for many years were the sole sources of cannabis plants. While regular seeds have their own advantages, only female plants provide the buds that produce psychoactive effects when consumed. Therefore, the resulting effect of this 50/50 growth is that at least half of a batch needs to be discarded. Growers needed to be keep in mind that they’d be throwing around half their plants away, which meant they needed to plant twice as many seeds to achieved their desired amount.

Feminisation was already an established process by the time cannabis reached the masses. The process was regularly utilised by breeders of non-cannabis plants, but a legendary Dutch breeder discovered that the process could be applied to marijuana too. It was a time consuming operation but eventually feminised cannabis seeds were found to be viable, stable and genetically healthy. Ever since, feminised seeds have been a mainstay in the cannabis world, offering pure feminised cannabis seeds time and time again. They were a vital step in the evolution of the industry and then laid the foundations for future progress.

Feminised vs Regular Seeds

Before modern biochemical advancements introduced advanced seed types, regular cannabis seeds were the only way to cultivate marijuana throughout the world. There are advantages and disadvantages to both regular and feminised seeds, although which is most preferable will come down to the individual needs of the user. The main reason breeders gravitate towards regular seeds is so they have the option to extract certain properties from their favourite plants and breed their own strains. Since this isn’t a goal of a lot of users, feminised seeds are more suitable for growers looking for maximum yield, high potency and bud-producing crops.

Feminised vs Autoflower Seeds

As well as feminised seeds, another major advancement in the cannabis field is autoflower seeds. Unlike photoperiodic seeds, autoflower cannabis seeds will flower regardless of their surrounding conditions. While autoflowers come in both regular and feminised form, most autoflowers tend to be feminised for maximum efficiency. Feminised come with a number of advantages over autoflower seeds, namely that feminised batches tend to have higher yields and higher potencies than their autoflower counterparts. Additionally, feminised weed seeds undergo less genetic modifications than autoflowers, meaning they behave in a more predictable manner. While they’ll require a little more growing knowledge, female seeds allow users to harness their home growing skills during the cultivation process.

The Science Of Feminised Seeds

In the modern age, breeders use technological advancements to create feminised marijuana seeds. However, feminised seeds took many years of trial and error to master Early attempts to feminise cannabis seeds involved using two female plants, one of which had hermaphroditic properties. When plants in natural environments couldn’t find a male to mate with, they would develop these properties in order to self-pollenate. Researchers discovered they could mimic these conditions by exposing seeds to high stress levels, intense pruning and reduced light cycles, prompting it to naturally develop these hermaphroditic properties. Then, the pollen from these flowers was applied to the other female plant.

This approach came with a number of issues, namely that the pollen-donating female plants would turn intersexual. Today, breeders do still manipulate their environment and expose their plants to high stress conditions, but it’s much more controlled. There are a number of ways to feminise seeds, but the most common way is to spray a female plant with a toxicant named colloidal silver. This will cause the female plants to produce ‘feminised pollen,’ allowing breeders to mate two female plants resulting in purely female seeds. There are a number of other ways to feminise seeds, although most of them involve spraying a female plant with chemicals in order to induce self-pollination.

Advantages Of Feminised Seeds

With so much choice in today’s cannabis market, choosing which seed type is right for you can feel like a daunting task. All seed types come with their individual pros and cons, so it’s wise to take a moment to research and find out seed type would suit your preferences. Is speed important, or can you wait several months before harvest? Are you a new user who needs a help during the growing process or are you confident in your abilities to grow and cultivate good plants? If you’re thinking of investing in feminised seeds, here are the main advantages they have over other seed types.

Female Plants Only

As well as not having to worry about male plants in the next generation, one huge advantage of breeding with feminised seeds means you’ll have a solid idea of what type of buds will be produced. When breeding with male plants, several genes pass down to seedlings and since these genes aren’t expressed, it’s difficult to uncover what they are. With female plants, you’ll know exactly what genes will be passed down because they’re the same every time. Not only will grow consumable buds with every seed you plant, but you’ll also know exactly what strain is going to pop out of the ground.

High Yields

Although feminised cannabis seeds have been genetically altered with chemicals, breeders still rely on the plant’s natural hermaphroditic properties to create purely female seeds. Therefore, like all natural growth processes, female cannabis seeds tend to produce naturally high yields. You can expect to get the same kind of yield as you would through regular seeds, and even better still is that the whole batch will be consumable so you don’t have to concern yourself with shedding the male plants. In general female cannabis seeds produce higher yields than autoflowers, which is one of the main reasons many breeders prefer feminised over auto.

Space Saving

One of the biggest concerns when growing cannabis is space. Not everyone has a giant garden or grow room to sprout endless plants, and this is another reason so many people favour feminised seeds over regular. Usually, breeders would have to plant double the amount of regular seeds to ensure they received an adequate amount of female plants in their batches, but feminised seeds do away with this inconvenience. You can be sure that your entire grow space will be populated with usable cannabis. This is ideal for people who want to keep their growing activities discreet as they can sow amongst regular plants in their garden without raising suspicion.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds And Germination

Although feminised marijuana seeds guarantee female plants every time, the germination process is the same as with any other seed type. Feminised seeds can be germinated through the water or paper towel methods, although direct germination is usually the most effective. After germination, feminised cannabis will require good soil, regular nutrients and a proper light cycle to grow into smokable buds. Getting your feminised seeds off to a healthy start is a surefire way to ensure your plants come out potent and numerous on the other side, so it pays to learn a little about the whole germination process.

How Does Germination Work?

There are a number of ways to germinate seeds, but the most effective is to plant the seeds straight into soil. This is called direct germination and it allows the plants to thrive in their natural environments. Once effective germination begins, a white tendril will emerge from the seed, also known as the taproot. This taproot will grow, pushing the seed out of the ground as the shell begins to crack. Over the ensuing weeks, leaves will begin to form on the plant. Once you see the leaves with jagged edges (serrations), you’ll know that germination has been effective. Here’s a quick guide on germinating female marijuana seeds:

  • Moisture – Water your seeds once every 24-32 hours, but be sure not to completely soak them, especially in the early stages.
  • Lack of stress – Don’t tamper with the seeds once they’re planted. Leave them alone until the taproot appears. Additionally, be careful when checking the seeds and try not to directly touch the white root as it can easily snap.
  • Root down – If you need to replant your germinated seeds elsewhere, be sure to point the taproot towards into the soil.
  • Knuckle deep – Along the same lines, don’t plant the seeds too far down in the soil. They should be around half an inch to one inch below the surface.
  • Warmth – Feminised seeds require a natural light cycle, so be sure to plant them somewhere that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Can Feminised Seeds Be Grown Outside?

If growing outdoors is your preference then you’ll be safe with feminised seeds. Growing outdoors is the preferred method for those who want to rely on natural conditions and light cycles, which are both required for your femseeds to thrive. The ideal time to plant feminised seeds is around early-to-mid May in preparation for a summer-autumn harvest. Spring conditions are optimal for feminised seeds because they’ll receive enough natural nutrients and sunlight and there’s very little chance of the soil freezing and rendering your seeds unusable. If you’re growing feminised cannabis seeds outdoors, here are some of the best strains to check out.

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Can Feminised Seeds Be Grown Inside?

Growing indoors allows users maximum control over their grow space so they can chop and change when necessary. You’ll need additional heating and lighting equipment to grow indoors, but it’s the preferred method of the majority of growers for good reason. You can manipulate light schedules, monitor nutrient levels and alter the room’s temperature at will. Space might be an issue for some, but since you’ll only get consumable buds once the process is over, you don’t have to sow anywhere near as many seeds as you would with regular varieties. Here’s a short list of the best strains suited for indoor growing:

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Best Light Cycles For Feminised Cannabis Seeds

When growing outdoors, natural light cycles will take care of this issue for you providing you plant in spring, summer or autumn. While you won’t have as much control over factors as you would growing indoors, and the flowers might take a little longer to bud, feminised seeds will still fully thrive in their natural habitat. If growing indoors, you’ll need to provide an artificial light cycle. It’s recommended to give seedlings 18 hours of light per day and 6 hours of darkness. Once they begin to flower, it’s advised to alter this to an even 12/12. Be sure to water them daily during the whole process too.

Who Benefits Most From Female Seeds?

Feminised seeds help you cultivate marijuana without having to concern yourself with the issues that might arise with regular seeds. It eliminates all the additional pruning, maintaining and discard male components, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the growing process. For this reason, feminised seeds are especially popular with beginners because it gives them a little more freedom whilst allowing them to learn the ropes of growing and breeding at the same time. Growing feminised cannabis seeds is a little more forgiving than it is with regulars, so it’s not too much of a concern if you make a few mistakes along the way.

As well as being ideal for rookies, many expert breeders work exclusively with femseeds. The certainty of passing same genes down between strains – without the addition of unpredictable male genes – lends itself well to cross-breeding and creating reliable new strains. Feminised seeds are perhaps the most versatile of all seed types, allowing you to experiment whilst also guaranteeing vigorous buds at the end of the process.

Why Choose Bud Champion For Feminised Cannabis Seeds

As a team of lifelong cannabis lovers, Bud Champion are committed to excellence, quality and outstanding customer service. Our collection of female cannabis seeds is one of the most expansive on the market today, allowing growers of all experience levels to find a product they love. Not only will you be spoilt for choice, but we guarantee high quality time and time again. Here at Bud Champion, we only offer feminised seeds that meet our standards, and we love nothing more than passing this quality down to the buyer. We always put our customers first, whether they’re long-term customers or first time buyers.

What advantages does Bud Champion offer the buyer? As well as superior quality seeds and unrivalled customer care, we continually update our prices to ensure they’re the most competitive on the market. We take privacy and security very seriously too, so you can rest assured that your data is always in safe hands with us. We offer discreet packaging, low prices and we ship to anywhere in the world. For feminised marijuana seeds you can rely on, Bud Champion will help you on your cannabis journey. Check out our shop and see what’s on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bud Champion are here to answer any queries you might have about feminised cannabis seeds. We’ve put together a short list of the most common queries about femseeds to save you time searching for the answer. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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