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Legal Disclaimer

We take the law very seriously have dedicated time and money to ensure we are operating within the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. Below you can read all of the terms and regulations we adhere to that ensures we stay on the right side of the law and can continue to provide our customers with safe and legal cannabis based products.

Buying Cannabis Seeds

  • It is perfectly legal to own cannabis seeds in the UK, but it is illegal to grow or attempt to grow a cannabis plant from these seeds unless you have a license from the Home Office.
  • All cannabis seeds that are sold on the Bud Champion website are sold for souvenir and collection purposes only. Bud Champion accepts no liability for customers purchasing cannabis seeds for any other reason.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any order if we have any indication that the customer will commit an illegal act with any of our cannabis seed products.

Legal Disclaimer

  • Bud Champion does not encourage, condone or endorse the growing of cannabis plants from the sale of cannabis seeds sold on our website.
  • All cannabis seed information, characteristics and descriptions are based on the information supplied by the breeder.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time if we believe the customer plans to violate UK law in any way.


  • It is only legal to sell cannabis seeds for collection or souvenir purposes in the United Kingdom.
  • Since germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK, we don’t provide refunds for cannabis seeds that don’t germinate.
  • For customers who have attained a licence from the Home Office and are legally allowed to grow cannabis plants, refunds are still not issued if seeds don’t germinate since their are a lot of factors involved in growing cannabis such as growing medium, light, temperature and skill and experience of the grower.
  • All seeds sold on Bud Champion are purchased from reputable breeders and cannabis seed banks and are sold unopened in their original packaging.
  • It is possible on the odd occasion that feminised seeds turn out to be male. We recommend checking the plant on a regular basis to determine the sex. No guarantees are provided that Feminised Seeds will be 100% feminised.

Website Disclaimer

  • You must be at least 18 years old to visit our website and make product purchases.
  • Everything we do, say, or state on this website is to the best of our knowledge and within the law.
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