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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds remove the hassle that come with other seeds, and here at Bud Champion you’ll be able to find the autoflower variety that suits your needs. While we once had to rely on standard seeds, complex growing processes and modern advancements have significantly simplified things. With the advent of autoflowering seeds, growers can now rely on predetermined genetics to ensure that their seeds produce bountiful buds. Autoflowering seeds might be a relatively new arrival on the scene (having only been introduced in 2005), but they’ve fast become the go-to seed type for growers who favour simplicity above all else. If you want the best choice of autoflower seeds possible, you’ll find it on this page.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: The Seed For Speed

Autoflowering seeds are the busy man’s seed. Their primary appeal is speed. Unlike regular or feminised seeds, autoflowering seeds have been genetically modified to flower regardless of whatever life cycle they’re exposed to. Whether they’re planted indoor or outdoor, autoflowers will always flower providing successful germination.

For many growers, this removes a lot of factors that could result in unsuccessful buds. Not to mention the fact that autoflowers tend to bloom a lot earlier than regular and feminised seeds. These are just two of the reasons why autoflowering seeds are so popular with novice and expert growers alike. They’re designed for maximum convenience so you can spend less time tending to your grow batches.

How Do Autoflowering Seeds Work?

To understand the autoflowering process, we need to look at the cannabis growing cycle. This cycle comes in two main phases: the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. Other types of cannabis seeds — known as photoperiod strains — require a change in the natural light cycle to flower. Autoflower strains do away with this inconvenience. They don’t rely on external cues to start producing resinous buds. Instead, they flower after a certain amount of time has passed.

As you might know, only female plants will produce the consumable buds that provide recreational and medicinal highs. Autoflower’s are available in feminised and non-feminised versions so you can reap the benefits that come with male plants too. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to plant further strains of your desired autoflower variety. It’s for these reasons that autoflowers remain the most popular seed choice in today’s cannabis market.

The Science Of Autoflowering Seeds

Unlike autoflowering seeds, regular and feminised seeds are known as photoperiod-dependant (or photoperiodic) seeds. This might sound like a fancy scientific term, but it’s easy to understand when broken down.

  • Photo = light
  • Period = length of time
  • Dependant = determined by

If we put it together, it means that the flowering point of regular and feminised seeds is determined by the length of time they’re exposed to light. Simply, other seeds respond to changes in the light cycle to determine when they should flower. Autoflowers are not beholden to these limitations because they’ve been crossed with a certain gene to remove this little characteristic.

Cannabis Ruderalis

The cannabis ruderalis gene is the core component that makes autoflowers operate the way they do. Cannabis ruderalis is a cannabis subspecies found in locations with harsh climates; Russia, Asia, some parts of Eastern Europe. Given that these regions feature a considerably shorter growing season and colder temperatures, ruderalis naturally adapted to its environment and began triggering flowerings without requiring optimal conditions to do so.

Ruderalis developed an autoflower gene to ensure reproduction before the temperatures plummeted. Growers harnessed this unique trait and cross-bred it with regular Sativa and Indica strains, and after many years of trial and error, manual-autoflowering capabilities were eventually discovered. Today, autoflowering has been fully mastered (although cloning autoflowers is still a polarizing subject) so breeders can utilise these unique traits in other strains.

Advantages Of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have a number of advantages over regular and feminised seeds. First and foremost, they remove a lot of the hassle that comes with cannabis plant maintenance, and while autoflowering seeds do involve a little work, it’s much less than what you’d find with other varieties. They’re also smaller than other cannabis flowers and can be grown indoor or out regardless of season. Beginners might be attracted to them for their convenience, while advanced growers might be drawn to them for their versatility and their small stature. Here’s a short list of the most common advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds:

Low Maintenance

Compared to other seed types, autoflowers don’t require anywhere near as much maintenance. Once germination is successful, you can plant autoflower seeds in soil and then nature does most of the hard work for you. All they require after this point is regular watering. This isn’t to say that there’s absolutely no effort involved whatsoever. You’ll still need to regularly check up on your plants to ensure they’re thriving, but providing they’ve reached the germination stage the rest of the process is fairly simple. They’re also suitable for indoor and outdoor growing regardless of the time of year. They’ll still take the same time to flower whether you plant them in spring or winter.

Discreet Growing

Autoflower plants are considerably smaller than the plants born from regular or feminised seeds. On average, autoflowering varieties tend to grow between 19 to 23 inches in height. This makes them ideal for growing in compact spaces. You can easily fit autoflower plants on your windowsill or balcony and still have enough room to manoeuvre. Additionally, when growing outdoors, you can easily slot autoflower plants in between other plant types for maximum discretion. If you’re looking to keep a low profile, autoflowers might be the best choice for you.

Fast Harvests

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are available to harvest much sooner than other seed type. Generally, it can take anywhere between 10 and 32 weeks for regular or feminised seeds to reach their maximum yield. However, autoflowers greatly reduce this time. You can expect to get full harvests between 8 and 10 weeks. Not only does this lend itself greatly to mass production, but it’s ideal if you’ve missed the optimal time to plant. For example, it’s advised to plant regular cannabis seeds around early spring. This way you’ll have full crops around late summer or early autumn, but with autoflowering seeds, it doesn’t matter if you miss this cut-off period.

Vast Choice Of Strains

Autoflowers come in all varieties, including high, medium and low THC strains. They are a great choice for all types of cannabis users. A lot of modern strains also feature high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. Not only can you sample traditional, familiar strains, but autoflowers are at the forefront of cannabis innovation. They are always available in the newest hybrid strains too. The addition to Ruderalis allows breeders and growers to update classics for the modern generation whilst continuing to revitalise the cannabis scene with brand new products. When it comes to flavours and aromas, autoflowering varieties are often indistinguishable from their photoperiodic originals.

Autoseeds And Germination

While autoseeds guarantee flowers, this doesn’t mean that the entire growing process is simplified. Autoflowers must still be germinated the same way as other seeds, either through the water or paper towel methods or through direct germination. Once germination is successful, the hard part is over with. You can then just stand back and wait for your seeds to grow into vigorous flowers with minimal involvement. Even so, it’s important to understand how germination works so you can kickstart the growing process.

How Does Germination Work?

There are a number of ways to germinate seeds, but the most effective is to plant the seeds straight into soil. This is called direct germination and it allows the plants to thrive in their natural environments. Once effective germination begins, a white tendril will emerge from the seed, also known as the taproot. This taproot will grow, pushing the seed out of the ground as the shell begins to crack. Over the ensuing weeks, leaves will begin to form on the plant. Once you see the leaves with jagged edges (serrations), you’ll know that germination has been effective. Here’s a quick guide on germinating autoflowering cannabis seeds:

  • Moisture – Water your seeds once every 24-32 hours, but be sure not to completely soak them, especially in the early stages.
  • Lack of stress – Don’t tamper with the seeds once they’re planted. Leave them alone until the taproot appears. Additionally, be careful when checking the seeds and try not to directly touch the white root as it can easily snap.
  • Root down – If you need to replant your germinated seeds, make sure to point the taproot downwards.
  • Knuckle deep – Along the same lines, don’t plant the seeds too far down in the soil. They should be around half an inch to one inch below the surface.
  • Optimal conditions – with autoflowers, this point isn’t so important. However, do try and place your grows in an area that gets regular sunlight to make it easier for the seeds to thrive.

Can Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Be Grown Outside?

Autoflowers are simple to grow outdoors (mostly) all year round. Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowers do not rely on the season’s natural light cycles to bloom, so you get a lot more leeway with your growing options. You can sow autoflower marijuana seeds between spring to autumn and expect high yields and successful harvests. While it’s not 100% required, it’s a good idea to plant autoflowering seeds where they’ll get a few hours of sunlight per day. Your flowers would produce regardless, but sowing them in the same conditions you would other seeds will speed up the process. Here’s a short list of the best seeds to grow outdoors:

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Can Autoflower Seeds Be Grown Inside?

Indoor growth gives users a little more flexibility over certain factors such as light conditions and nutrients. Since autoflowers don’t require light to bloom, growers can adjust their lights as they see fit. This is ideal if you’re growing different seeds in the same environment. A regular cycle of around 18 hours of light a day will result in faster growth and larger yields. However, they’ll still thrive with as little as 6 hours of light per day. Here’s a short list of the best seeds to grow indoors:

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Who Benefits Most From Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowers have made life much easier for rookie and expert growers alike. While autoflowering cannabis seeds are considered to be a rookie’s choice, many advanced breeders and growers have turned to autoflowers thanks to the incredible convenience they offer. Growers can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time doing anything else. The fact that autoflowers bloom regardless also helps users experiment more with the whole cultivation process. For example: Growers might plant autoseeds in multiple locations in their garden to check which area offers optimal growing conditions. This way they are safe in the knowledge that all the flowers will eventually produce buds regardless.

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, autoflowering cannabis  seeds are probably the best choice to hold your hand while you familiarise yourself with the growing process. This way, it doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes along the way. Your flowers will still give the desired results. Likewise, if you’re only able to plant outdoors, autoflower marijuana seeds might be the best product for you since they’re not beholden to strict climates.

What Cannabinoids Are Found In Autoflowers?

Cannabis plants produce hundreds of complex phytochemicals and cannabinoids. These cannabinoids make up each strain’s genetic properties, dictating all of the individual effects that they offer. Cannabis enthusiasts might be familiar with common terms like THC and CBD, but there’s a whole fascinating (and important) underside to cannabis plants that breeders should know about if they want to advance their cultivation skills. Let’s look at the chemicals and cannabinoids that are responsible for each strain’s flavour, aroma and psychoactive effects.


THC and CBD are two separate cannabinoids that sit at opposite ends of the psychoactive spectrum. It is responsible for ‘head highs,’ which is why it’s found in higher concentrations in Sativa strains. CBD, on the other hand is the second-most present cannabinoid in cannabis after THC and it’s the chemical responsible for medicinal and relaxation effects. Autoflowers tend to be higher in THC than CBD, although every strain will have a mixture of both. This is why, even if you only consume THC-heavy strains, it will still alter mood and offer medicinal benfits.


While not a cannabinoid, terpenes are aromatic molecules that dictate a strain’s scent. Each strain has its own unique profile, which is why White Widow will smell and taste different to Northern Lights. While terpenes were originally believed to only affect odour, terpenes can also have significant input on a strain’s psychoactive effects. Advances in modern cannabis research have revealed just how crucial terpenes are to a strain’s overall identity. While THC is responsible for the majority of the head high sensations, THC works in conjunction with terpenes to give the strain additional unique properties.


Flavonoids are part of a group of chemical compounds known as polyphenols. Not only are these found in plants, but they’re also present in fruits and vegetables. They are another natural chemical that influence a strain’s taste and flavour. Unlike terpenes and THC, flavonoids are actually present in the entire plant, not just in the buds. Research is in its infancy, but it’s believed they work alongside CBD to induce beneficial health benefits and mood improvements. Terpenes are thought to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The Entourage Effect

When people consume cannabis, they believe it’s solely the THC and CBD levels that provide the ensuing sensations. This isn’t exactly true. These effects come from a highly specific combination of hundreds of chemicals, including THC, CBD, flavonoids, terpenes and many others. This explains why certain strains, despite being similar in THC and CBD levels, might induce different overall effects. This is known as the Entourage Effect; the theory that it’s the full spectrum of chemicals that work together to provide highs, not just the cannabinoids consumed by the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Why Choose Bud Champion For Your Autoflower Seeds

Now you’ve learnt everything you need to know about autoflowers, we hope that you choose us for your next purchase. As a premier supplier of auto seeds, we guarantee you’ll find a variety that suits your personal needs. Whether you’re looking for intense highs or deep relaxation effects. Bud Champion combine high quality autoflower weed seeds with outstanding customer service to ensure your money is always well spent.

As one of the UK’s most reliable cannabis seed bank, we guarantee to be right there with you through the whole process. Our service doesn’t just stop once your transaction is complete. We always go the extra mile to satisfy our loyal buyers whether they’re buying their first seed or their hundredth. With our vast selection available, you’ll have no issues finding excellent autoflower cannabis seeds to continue your cannabis journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bud Champion are here to answer any queries you might have about autoflowering cannabis seeds. We’ve put together a short list of the most common queries about autoflowers. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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