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About BudChampion

BudChampion is a trustworthy, UK-based seedbank with a deep passion for all things cannabis. Our dedication to perfecting the craft of cannabis cultivation has projected us from humble beginnings to a thriving business with a worldwide customer base. We pride ourselves on outstanding service, high quality products and after-sale care that ensures you get the most for your money.

As well as pleasing our loyal customers, we also offer a diverse range of seeds and strains that come from the world’s most legendary breeders. We maintain high standards for our products to ensure that our buyers are never disappointed. We’re committed to privacy, discretion and overall excellence that you can rely on. If you want a seedbank that’s going to be with you every step of the way, then BudChampion will do exactly that.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

While we’re fanatical about the marijuana scene, there’s no denying that not every cannabis outlet is created equal. Talk to any breeder, grower or cannabis lover and they’ll have had a multitude of bad experiences in their time, whether it’s receiving poor quality products or paying over the odds. At BudChampion, we guarantee you’ll never have a bad word to say about your experiences with us. We know that our customers are as enthusiastic about cannabis as we are, so we aim to treat our customers with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

BudChampion is the amalgamation of a small team of researchers, growers and lifelong cannabis aficionados who want to leave the cannabis scene better than they found it. During our time as a seedbank, we’ve already built up a stellar reputation amongst amateur growers and other professionals in the scene. As a BudChampion customer, you can rest assured that we’ll always go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with your experience. We have a worldwide base of loyal customers for good reason.

Huge Choice Of Products

We offer a vast selection of products, with literally thousands of amazing seeds, strains and cannabis-centric products available. Due to our high standards, we only work with the best breeders the cannabis community has to offer, from legendary Amsterdam breeders to the hottest new innovators on the scene. BudChampion boasts a massive range of high-potent Sativa strains, CBD-laden medical strains and famous strains like White Widow and OG Kush and growers have come to know and love. Whatever your preference, BudChampion has it available.

Since the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, BudChampion aims to evolve alongside it. New, innovative cannabis strains are constantly being introduced to the market, and the ones that reach our high standard will be highlighted through our website. Traditional genetics remain at the core of the cannabis scene, but new hybrid strains are what push the industry forward into new and exciting times. As well as familiar, prestigious strains, BudChampion also aim to spotlight the newcomers to help get their name out there.

Consistent High Quality

Quality is everything in the cannabis world. Superior seeds will pump out superior plants, and this means higher yields, greater potencies and better all-round stability. For this reason, BudChampion puts a massive emphasis on quality to ensure that your purchases deliver the results you desire. Not every product that comes through our doors actually makes it to the market because we’re selective about what we put out there. There’s enough poor quality products available already without us adding to the pile. Therefore, BudChampion only utilises the best strains the cannabis world has to offer.

As well as product high quality, BudChampion maintains consistent high quality when dealing with customer queries and issues too. As a small team, we prefer a personal approach with our customers, so if you have any issues, no matter how minor, we encourage you to pick up your phone and either call or email us. We understand that problems sometimes occur; lost items, damaged packages and so forth, so if you’re ever unhappy with our service, please contact us and let us know. We’re always happy to hear our customer’s concerns.

Worldwide Availability

While BudChampion is based in the United Kingdom, our operation runs the length and breadth of the entire world. We ship to every corner of the globe, from bud hotspots like Amsterdam and Spain to the distant lands of Asia. If you’re a cannabis lover, we’ll ship to your location without question. We also do everything we can to keep shipping prices as low as possible so you always get the best return on your investment. Even though there might be an ocean between us, we don’t let anything between you and your cannabis seeds.

BudChampion also guarantees that your products will be shipped safely and discreetly every single time. We understand exactly how important privacy is to our customers, so we make every effort to maintain confidentiality. We ship in unmarked boxes so that no prying eyes will catch a glimpse of your buying activities, and all sales are made through our industry-standard software that keeps your personal data safe and secure. We don’t keep any personal customer info on our database, especially not credit card information.

Passionate About Cannabis

At BudChampion, we consider ourselves something more than just an average seedbank. We are lifelong advocates of marijuana use, be it for recreation or medicinal purposes, and we aim to spread the word and educate people on the positive effects than marijuana can have on the world. There’s no denying that there’s a negative stigma around cannabis growing and usage, and we aim to make that stigma a little less prevalent. We’re not just a seedbank. We’re part of the cultural cannabis movement.

Our commitment to customer care and our dedication to the craft is what helps us stand out from the crowd. If you purchase through BudChampion, we guarantee high quality time and time again, whether you’re a loyal customer or a first time buyer. Come right in and start your cannabis journey with us.