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Strawberry Haze


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Deriving from the sativa cannabis family, this Strawberry Haze CBD Flower holds a 17% Cannabidiol content for ultimate relaxation and an influx in natural benefits. This particular CBD product comes as a bud, providing versatility in use and packs a punch with 170mg of CBD per 1gm of Strawberry Haze bud. With a large concentration of CBD, the positive energy and calm state of mind increase.

The strawberry aroma illuminates a relaxed vibe, providing a sweet scent and tasteful flavour. The Strawberry Haze CBD Hemp Flower is packed with a full set of cannabinoids, including hemp terpenes for natural flavour enhancement. Along with these, antioxidants and Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids make up the flower’s properties, providing a rich array of essential nutrients. This hemp flower product has under 0.05% THC, is sold for tea making purposes only and has less than 1mg of THC per packet.

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