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Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Becoming popular in the 1990s, Sour Diesel has become legendary ever since. Otherwise known as "Sour D", the beginnings of Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds are somewhat surrounded by mystery and lore, but one thing is certain: Sour D is a powerhouse in the cannabis world. Sour Diesel is aptly named thanks to its pungent gas-like aroma. It is famed and beloved by many for its strong effects and harsh heavy smoke. You could easily get lost in thick clouds of diesel scented clouds. Medicinally Sour D has been said to prove very useful in helping those affected by anxiety and depression, thanks to its sativa dominant genetics. This hybrid strain is certain to get that mind of yours working with a cerebral high.

About Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel became ultra-popular in the 1990s, however, its origins date back much before that time. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how exactly Sour D became the tall lanky plant we know today. One name that is thrown around a lot when it comes to the cultivation of this strain is “AJ” or “Asshole Joe”. He was able to grow the strain after meeting a gentleman by the name of Chem, by crossing Sour D’s parent strains Chemdawg and Super Skunk.

Sour Diesel Seeds
Sour Diesel – Source: Wikipedia

Most people believe Sour Diesel got its name from the smell of diesel the pungent smoke gives off. However, there have been reports of how this strain got its name. AJ apparently would call any good weed Diesel whenever he and his friends smoked. The term sour is said to be for all the relationships AJ “soured” in attempting to perfect the plant. Either way, the term Sour D is synonymous with any other big weed strain on the market.

Sour Diesel Genetics

Sour Diesel is a sativa hybrid that is grown from crossbreeding the strains Chemdawg with Super Skunk. At 90% sativa and 10% indica a thought-provoking, energetic mental high is almost always guaranteed for the smokers of this strain. The strain is famous for being an extremely strong weed variation. This is no wonder with an average THC content of 22%, with some growers reportedly coming to high levels of 26% THC. These effects are made all the stronger with low levels of 2% CBD. The unique stench of this unique strain is brought about by its terpene contents, with the most abundant being, caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene

Regular, feminised and autoflower Sour Diesel cannabis seeds grow both indoors and outdoors but many growers believe the strain grows best in dry, humid outdoor environments. These plants get nice and tall and are very skinny so outdoors is best to allow them the space to thrive. You can expect your little light green nugs to be ready to harvest pretty quickly with a flowering time of 10-12 weeks. Sour Diesel cannabis seeds are perfect for anyone with a little bit of cultivation experience and are not considered too difficult to grow.

Taste, Flavour and Smell of Sour Diesel

What sets Sour Diesel apart from other cannabis strains is its pungent aroma. This is a truly one-of-a-kind smell with its huge gassy-smelling smoke clouds. The odour is not too unlike diesel and also very sour. In other words, Sour D does exactly what it says on the tin. The strain is well known for matching its strong smell with a very intense taste. This pungent strain has a nice fruity aftertaste which is refreshing next to the pungent weed flavour. Sour Diesel is a must-try for anyone who considers themselves a cannabis lover.

Positive Effects and Adverse Reactions

Sour D is a very strong strain and is one that should be taken slowly if you have a lower tolerance. Many love this strain as it is perfect as a wake and bake strain. Sativa properties are on full display with Sour Diesel. Smokers become energetic, talkative and have great boosts in creativity. Sour D brings on a strong head high that is certain to give the user plenty of mental stimulation. As with many high THC sativa strains, it is important not to overdo it to avoid cases of paranoia.

Did you know?

Sour Diesel - ZAYN
Sour Diesel – ZAYN – Source: YouTube
Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is one of many celebrities with a love for the Sour Diesel strain. The popstar named his 2018 song after the strain. The track has plenty of psychedelic elements but more importantly is jam packed full of Sour D and weed references. Hats off to you Zayn!

Final Thoughts

Sour Diesel cannabis seeds are up there with one of the most well recognisable strains of cannabis to grow or collect, and for good reason. This potent pot plant has helped many with the sheer mental energy it gives to users. It is a weed seed with great genetics and while it poses some challenges to growers the rewards are 100% worth it. It doesn’t take too much experience to grow and is perfect for those looking for a great way to start the day. Sour D marijuana seeds are a must for any serious cannabis seed collector.

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