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Purple Thai Cannabis Seeds

Purple Thai Cannabis Seeds

Purple Thai cannabis seeds may be a little less well-known or as popular as other classic strains such as Kush or Skunk. However, Purple Thai does not lack whatsoever in quality or potency. The strain, otherwise known as Oregon Purple Thai or OPT, is the psychedelic result of two landrace strains from tropical climates. And when we say OPT doesn’t lack in potency we mean it. This strain rose in popularity in the 1970s due to its dizzyingly psychedelic effects. It is hard to resist this strain with Purple Thai’s inviting rich smells that will bring chocolate and coffee to mind. Yes, you read that correctly, this strain smells like chocolate and coffee!
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About Purple Thai

Purple Thai is a strain that has its ups and downs along its hot tropical road. Its genetics are a result of crossing two landrace strains Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold. The breeders over at the internationally renowned seed bank Anesia Seeds are credited with being the first to grow this purple-tinted plant.

Purple Thai was hugely popular in the United States during the 1970s and the 1980s. Thanks to its parent strain, Chocolate Thai, the strain has a unique chocolate flavour and taste. This fact paired with its psychoactive mental stimulation made OPT a hit.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the strain dipped because of how hard it became to grow. Another reason for its decline was other strains becoming more and more potent during the turn of the 1990s. In true Rocky fashion, Purple Thai came back stronger than ever. Adapting its other parent strain Oaxacan Gold high THC content over time. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for our little purple warrior but over time Purple Thai has become a revered strain by those in the know.

Purple Thai Genetics

As a cross between Chocolate Thai and Mexico’s Highland Oaxacan Gold, Purple Thai had to battle for the top-class genetics it has today. This hybrid strain leans towards its Sativa roots strongly. The exact sativa to indica ratio is 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. The strain’s strong psychoactive effects are well documented and it is no wonder with a THC average of 22%. Some growers have reported THC highs of 25%. To counterbalance all that THC is, well nothing. Purple Thai’s average CBD count is 0%.

The flavours and smells that come with OPT sound almost too good to be true. The mocha-like taste comes from the strains of dominant terrapins such as myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene. The final terrapin on that list also gives hoppy beers their unique scent.

Growth Cycle for Purple Thai

Given the plant’s origins, it is no wonder that Purple Thai flourishes best in warm tropical and humid locations when grown outdoors. The long flowering time of 11-13 weeks means expert growers plan for late October harvests.

However, if you don’t live somewhere where the sun shines every day, fear not as Purple Thai is perfect for indoor growth too. Some even prefer growing this plant indoors as they can better control the environment. As this plant isn’t too difficult to care for, OPT is a great strain for intermediate growers who already have a little bit of cannabis cultivation experience.

Growers will not be disappointed after the long flowering time. If they have put in the work they will be rewarded with breathtaking light green buds that are scattered with vibrant purple sections. The buds are dense and strangely rectangular-shaped. The rewards don’t just end with good-looking nugs but Purple Thai has an above-average yield, so there will be plenty to last till next October.

Taste, Flavour and Smell of Purple Thai

Thanks to Purple Thai’s unique terrapin combination, the tastes and smells of these green and violet buds are beautifully unique. Both growers and cannabis users alike love this strain for its amazing chocolaty and nutty aroma. Some even report that the plant gives off a scent of coffee. Overall you can expect wonderfully dark and rich smells with OPT that make it the perfect way to start your day. Many love it just as much as their morning coffee thanks to Purple Thai’s uplifting effects.

Once you get a waft of this strain, no doubt your mouth will be watering. You will not be disappointed as Purple Thai is a treat for the taste buds too. Many users report flavours of chestnut, coffee and even some fruity flavours on the exhale. These fruity tastes are almost exclusively dark, such as blackberry or hints of grape. This coffee and chocolate combination makes for a deliciously mocha-like flavour overall. The only difference is a mocha will have you feeling good but Purple Thai will have you feeling great.

Positive Effects and Adverse Reactions

Purple Thai is one of those strains that should be taken slowly for new users as it is known to not only be potent but also have a somewhat psychedelic buzz. These psychoactive properties make for a cerebral high that can be mentally very stimulating. With all this in mind, “set and setting” is very important when it comes to smoking Purple Thai, even for the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

This strain is widely popular with people who work in jobs that require some creativity such as music or writing. Purple Thai leaves smokers uplifted, happy and talkative yet relaxed. Its hybrid genetics allow for a more sativa-type high with just a splash of those mellow indica effects. It is most definitely a social strain and many love OPT in the evenings.

The strain also has some great medicinal properties thanks to its mood-boosting and uplifting effects. It is a fantastic pick-me-up and will get you going without a doubt if you are feeling a little tired. Others enjoy Purple Thai as a nice way to unwind after a long day at the office. People enjoy how the more mental high frees the mind and allows for a relaxing end to the week.

Did you know?

Did you know why Purple Thai has a more purple hue? Some cannabis strains such as Purple Haze, Sour Grape and of course the star of today Purple Thai have a more purple colour to their buds compared to the classic cannabis greens of other strains. Some believe this is due to the plant not getting enough oxygen, too much nitrogen, precise watering regimes or making some kind of purple pact with the devil. However, some weed strains have a purple colour due to anthocyanins. These are phytochemicals that are responsible for the colours red, purple or blue plants. Even blueberries are blue because of these natural plant-based chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Purple Thai may not be a strain that is as commonly known as it once was but this is no reason to sleep on these blocky buds. This plant has battled all over the globe to become the wondrously chocolate-smelling psychedelic-inducing strain that we know today (or should know today). Its long storied heritage makes Purple Thai cannabis seeds the perfect addition to any collection.

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