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Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Cannabis Seeds most certainly have an interesting history, to say the least. A popular strain of cannabis and an integral part of UK cannabis culture, this complex plant is credited by many as the world’s first commercial hybrid strain. Once Dutch cannabis growers got their hands on the UK cheese strain seeds, it became a bestseller in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. The Cheese Cannabis Seed has been crossbred around the globe to eventually become the dank-smelling, iconic strain we all know today. Cheese tastes and smells exactly like the name suggests. The hybrid strain leaves smokers in a vibe of pure bliss. It is hard to go wrong with growing cheese as it is well recommended as a good starting strain for new cannabis growers.

About Cheese

The origins of the cheese cannabis strain can be traced back to the mysterious Californian cannabis cultivator “Sam The Skunkman”. The strain was created when Sam brought it over from California to the Netherlands. Cheese is a phenotype of Skunk #1 and saw a boom in the 80s UK weed market. It was so popular in the UK that cheese and skunk are both used as slang for cannabis, regardless of the strain.

UK Cheese Seeds
Mmm mmmm… Cheesy Nugs

Cheese is a hybrid strain of cannabis, meaning it is a blend of both Indica and Sativa. It has been named cheese for good reason. The strain has a sharp sour aroma that is very similar to its namesake and has become very popular not only due to its unique taste but consistent potency.

Cheese Genetics

The Indica dominant hybrid has come about from crossbreeding Skunk and Afghani strains. Cheese consists of an almost perfect hybrid balance at 60:40, Indica to Sativa. This interesting strain has a wide variety of terpenes which give it a strong cheese-like smell and taste. The most prolific terpenes include myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. Cheese is known to have a high concentration of CBD with a medium amount of THC. Its THC level usually stays within 15-17%.

Growth Cycle for Cheese

The growth of Cheese Auto cannabis seeds is actually relatively easy for both newcomers and expert cannabis cultivators. Given its Afghan roots, the plant is hardy and can withstand nicely against mould and pests. It grows equally well both indoors and outdoors. However a good point to note is that Cheese Cannabis Seeds do grow into quite tall plants. Some extra space should be allowed in order for them to flourish and give a good sized yield. They can also handle fluctuations in humidity but cheese plants do like the heat. With a flowering time of 10-12 weeks, you won’t have to wait too long before you have fully ripe buds.

Taste, Flavour and Smell of Cheese

Cheese is the perfect strain for people in search of a unique tasting weed. It gives off a strong savoury flavour that many compare to a strong cheddar or blue cheese taste. Matching its strong cheesy aroma is the strains’ pungent cheesy smell. The smell and taste of this strain are truly unique in the cannabis world and do exactly what they say on the label. For lovers of strong tasting buds, this is one for you.

Positive Effects and Adverse Reactions

Cheese is well known to induce a blissful, relaxing high thanks to its hybrid genetics. The indica dominant strain results in a mellow calming effect while also putting the smoker in a euphoric mood. The balanced high can vary from person to person depending on their mood while some report increased anxiety and dry mouth. This strain has also been known to increase appetite and bring on sleep. Its higher CBD content makes it perfect for medicinal use as well.

Growing Cheese Seeds
That’s a whole lot of Cheese.

Did you Know?

Not only did Sam “The Skunkman’s” strain take over the UK but it did the same in the Netherlands too. “The Skunkman” came to the Netherlands with hopes of taking his cultivation skills to the next level. He brought with him the famed cheese cannabis seeds which he would give to Amsterdam’s first coffee shop owner, Wernard Bruinin. These seeds would go on to supply the coffee shop scene with some strongly scented weed but also put the Moroccan hash traders that had previously supplied Amsterdam out of business.

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Final Thoughts

Cheese is a perfectly balanced strain of cannabis. From growth to smoking, everything about Cheese Cannabis Seeds is smooth and relatively mild. Given its long history, this strain has truly been perfected over the years to become a strain of cannabis that will leave you feeling both happy and relaxed. This is a must-have cannabis seed for both cultivators and smokers alike.

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