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Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds

Many cannabis cultivators adore this plant thanks to its fast and reliable growth cycle, making Afghan Kush cannabis seeds a great choice for any collector. Afghan Kush AKA Afghani Kush is one of the best-known Cannabis strains in the world. Cannabis users enjoy Afghan Kush’s notorious relaxing and sedating effects. As one of the oldest cannabis strains in the world, Afghani Kush has a rich history that lives on today. This hardy strain came from humble beings in the Hindu mountain ranges of Asia. Thanks to expert cannabis cultivation, the strain has been perfected so it can be grown and enjoyed all over the globe. Not only is this a fantastic stand-alone strain but Afghan Kush has been bred to create many other beloved weed strains.
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About Afghan Kush

The roots of Afghan Kush can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range that stretches across parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Originally a landrace strain, Afghani Kush withstood the test of time flourishing in the harsh conditions of its home. The Hindu Kush mountain’s climate is extreme, to say the least. To the north the temperatures are subzero and are known for harsh winters, however, the southern end of the mountain range sees seasonal monsoons.

Hindu Kush Mountains
Hindu Kush Mountains – Source: Wikipedia
Lucky for us Afghan Kush is one hardy plant and over time would be cultivated to create the popular strain we know today. It is one of the rare almost pure Indica strains. The bud contains a heavy amount of resin which creates its trademark sedating effects. Making Afghani Kush a perfect nighttime smoke.

Afghan Kush Genetics

If you are looking for a cannabis strain with powerful sedative properties, Afghan Kush’s genetics are tough to beat. The flower has a THC average of 15% and a CBD level of approximately 6%. Given that the dominant terpene is Myrcene, this strain is perfect for medicinal use. The likes of Blueberry, Northern Lights, Tangerine Dream, Sweet Tooth and OG Skunk can all trace their genetics back to Afghan Kush.

Growth Cycle for Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds

Due to its tough upbringing, Afghan Kush makes for easy growth even for inexperienced cannabis cultivators. Afghani Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Growing this strain is relatively straightforward and given its years of selective breeding, the plant does not require too much care. The main advantages are its hardiness and the extremely quick flowering times. Afghan Kush can be grown and ready to harvest within as little as 6-7 weeks from flower using feminised cannabis seeds. When fully grown, your breath will be taken away with the sturdy branches packed full of resinous buds, underneath broad leaves and autumn red hairs.

Taste, Flavour and Smell of Afghan Kush

Afghani Kush is well known for having a flavour that is not too intense compared to some other strains. This makes it perfect for those who don’t like the taste of weed or perhaps have more sensitive taste buds. People do describe the flavours of Afghan Kush as woody and earthy with a hint of herbal spiciness. These flavours lean themselves to nice earthy scents that are comparable to pine and sandalwood.

Positive Effects and Adverse Reactions

Smoking Charas Made From Afghan Kush
Afghan Kush Charas – Source: Wikipedia
Afghan Kush is well known for its chilled relaxing effects on the body and mind. The strain is famous for making its smokers sleepy and giggly. Many report some bad cases of the munchies when enjoying Afghan Kush. Depending on how you feel about this fact, it could be positive or negative. Afghani is well a great strain to help those suffering from stress and anxiety. It is worth keeping a bottle of water near when smoking this strain as it can sometimes lead to dry mouth and eyes as well as dizziness.

Did you know?

Did you know Afghan Kush was used originally for the creation of hash? This comes as no surprise given its original location and its highly resinous buds. Locals would roll two fresh flowers between their hands in order to collect the sticky residue to create what they would call “Charas”.

Final Thoughts on Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush cannabis seeds are a great choice for your collection. The plants history is the stuff of legend and it has gone on to become one of the best-known strains of weed in the world. With its mild flavour and strong medicinal benefit, the plant is perfect after a long hard day or to goof off and enjoy some downtime with friends.

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