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X18 Pure Pakistani

From: Reserva Privada
  • This plant has become very respected for its relaxing medicinal qualities.
  • A great choice for those creating extracts or hash with its high resin production.
  • A strain that can trace its linage back to the landrace strains of Pakistan and India.

X18 Pure Pakistani Description

X18 Pure Pakistani is a descendant of the Pakistani landrace strains of old. This gives this plant a strong odour and hardy nature.

Many report scents of strong cheese when X18 Pure Pakistani is in the garden. However, once dried these buds take on a more lemony scent and taste. This lemon zest is offset nicely with more traditional earthy cannabis flavours.

This plant is revered for its high resin production. This makes X18 Pure Pakistani a favourite among those looking to create concentrates or hash.

X18 Pure Pakistani has got some medicinal qualities. Much like its parent strain the Hindu Kush, this plant’s predominantly Indica genetics work excellently in relaxing the body and mind.

This plant’s effects can vary depending on your mindset and setting. This strain will put users in a mentally stimulating place where their focus is increased. On the other hand, if you try some X18 Pure Pakistani when you have a day off, chances are you will be completely chilled out.

X18 Pure Pakistani Characteristics

Pack Size3 Seeds, 6 Seeds, 13 Seeds
THC ContentVery High (20%+)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Cup WinnerNo
GeneticsMostly Indica
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time7-8 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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