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Seven Of Nine

From: DJ Short
  • This plant induces a very balanced high that is both relaxing and upliftings.
  • A great strain for beginners as it is requires minimal care and yields are high.
  • Named due to the ratio of keeper phenotypes during test growth.

Seven Of Nine Description

Seven Of Nine is a Sativa leaning cannabis strain. The plant is the result of many years of hard work for the legendary breeder DJ Short.

Seven Of Nine otherwise known as 7 of 9, does not get its name from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie as many think. The name comes from the ratio of keeper phenotypes witnessed in the test grow of the Seven of Nine seed stock.

The effects from Seven Of Nine are very well balanced. These buds induce a satisfying relaxation that comes with some very uplifting effects to boot.

When it comes to odour Seven of Nine has it all, literally. There are hints of earthy smells that are musky, strong chocolate leather, fruity zest and even cologne. Seven of Nine will have those nostrils working overtime.

Seven Of Nine is a vigorous plant that is perfect for cannabis newbies. This plant is low maintenance and requires minimal care. To maintain Seven of Nine is pretty easy. Given its high yields, this plant is a great place to start.

Seven Of Nine Characteristics

Pack Size10 Seeds
THC ContentVery Low (0-5%)
CBD ContentUnknown
Cup WinnerNo
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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