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Nepal Cream Hash


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When it comes to CBD Hash, Nepal Cream or Nepalese Cream Hash wins hands down. Grown by licensed and experienced farmers in Italy and Switzerland, the Nepal Cream CBD Hash is carefully grown and manufactured from Carmagnola hemp.

Packing a punch with over 22% CBD this Nepal Cream Jelly like CBD Hash is very similar in appearance and malleability of the Squidgy Black hash of yesteryear. With a strong creamy flavour and pungent smell it’s no wonder that Nepalese Cream and Moroccan Hash is so popular with Bud Champion customers.

Nepal Cream Hash is full of phenols, terpenes and cannabinoids including CBC, CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, CBN, THC, THCA, THCV. For every 1 gram of Nepalese Hash there’s a massive 220mg of CBD. You can use it either on its own or to bolster your flower or use alongside a total spectrum oil.

Nepalese Cream Hash is available in 1 x 1 gram, 5 x 1 gram, 10 x 1 gram and 20 x 1 gram. All Nepalese CBD jelly is processed by a machine chopper to ensure our customers receive the exact amount of CBD Hash they order. Nepal Cream Hashish has under 0.2% THC and is considered a legal CBD product under UK legislation. All of our industrial hemp souvenirs are sold as collectors items only.

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