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Moroccan 00 Hash


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Moroccan 00 Hemp Hash is another of our popular products and is made by the same growers as the popular Nepal Cream Hash. It is pressed from the kief of Morocco’s premium CBD hemp flowers. Similar to its THC counterpart, this Moroccan Hash is dry sifted to form a fine resinous powder which is compressed and heated to form its creamy solid textured slate appearance.

Manufactured in Swiss and Italian farms by experienced growers, the Moroccan 00 CBD Hash has a light yellow/brown appearance, the slate feels solid and can tolerate a slight bend under pressure. Every 1 gram of Moroccan 00 CBD Hash solid has 120mg of Cannabidiol content packed inside its resinous layers.

Chock full of important phenols, terpenes and cannabinoids including CBC, CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, CBN, THC, THCA and THCV, the Moroccan 00 Hashish has some of the finest spicy flavours and aroma’s we’ve smelled in a CBD Hash. Comes in branded Buds R Us packaging with contents and safety information printed on the back.

Moroccan Hash is available in 1 x 1 gram, 5 x 1 gram, 10 x 1 gram and 20 x 1 gram packets. All Morocco Hash is processed by a machine chopper to ensure our customers receive the exact weight of Hash they order. This high CBD cannabis resin has under 0.2% THC and is considered a legal CBD product under UK legislation. All of our industrial hemp souvenirs are sold as collectors items only.

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