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Endo Kush


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Featuring top notch quality and a wide range of supplemental properties beneficial to the body, the Endo Kush CBD Flower is a valuable bud form of CBD. With a CBD concentration of 15%, the relaxing environment and calming tones are efficiently magnified. Its versatile use accommodates all people alike, invoking a calming space where stress ceases to linger.

The Endo Kush CBD strain is rich in cannabinoids, high in Cannabidiol 15% and is used for a number of therapeutic and recreational purposes. With 150mg of CBD for every 1 gram of Endo Kush bud, it reigns a winner for creating a feeling of ultimate relaxation. Endo Kush hemp flower buds conform with EU and UK law, have 0.05% THC content and are non-psychoactive. This hemp flower product is sold for tea making purposes only and has less than 1mg of THC per packet.

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