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How to Store Cannabis Seeds: A Comprehensive Guide

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The building blocks of any cannabis cultivation venture are, of course, cannabis seeds! Store your cannabis seeds properly to ensure your seeds viability and also preserve the genetic potential of the cannabis strains that you plan to grow. Whether you’re an experienced grower or a beginner, understanding the importance of cannabis seed storage is important in ensuring your cultivation is successful. In this guide, we will delve into the best practices for storing cannabis seeds to maintain their quality along with increasing the chances of successful germination and healthy plant growth.

Why Proper Cannabis Seed Storage Matters

Cannabis seeds are tiny powerhouses of life which contain all of the genetic information needed to produce robust and healthy cannabis plants but they are subject to degradation over time if not stored correctly, like any other biological material. Proper storage not only maintains seed viability but also protects the unique traits and characteristics of each strain, ensuring that you get the results you desire when you decide to grow your cannabis plants.

Factors Affecting Marijuana Seed Viability

Before we discuss the methods for storing cannabis seeds, we need to understand the factors that can impact your seed viability. There are several elements that contribute to the deterioration of seeds:

  • Temperature: Temperature fluctuations such as extreme heat or cold can harm or damage seeds. Ideally, you should store your cannabis seeds in a cool and stable environment where the temperature isn’t likely to fluctuate.
  • Humidity: High humidity can lead to mould and mildew growing on your seeds. While low humidity can cause damage too. Balanced humidity is essential for successful marijuana seed storage.
  • Light: Excessive exposure to light, especially UV light, can degrade the genetic material within seeds and so it’s important to store your marijuana seeds in a dark place.
  • Oxygen: Oxygen can oxidise the seed’s surface which in turn can lead to damage, well sealed containers are a great way to prevent oxygen exposure.
  • Physical Damage: Rough handling or excessive shaking can cause physical damage to the seeds, impacting their viability, so be gentle with your seeds and treat them with care!

Best Practices of Storing Cannabis Seeds

Now that we understand why seed storage is essential and the factors affecting seed viability, let’s discuss the best practices for storing cannabis seeds and delve a little deeper into the points made above.

  1. Choose the Right Container:
    Airtight Containers: As mentioned above, hermetically sealed containers, such as Mason jars or vacuum-sealed bags, are a good choice. These containers prevent oxygen from entering and also protect your weed seeds from moisture or nasty pests.
    Dark Containers: When choosing a container, you might want to consider containers that are opaque or dark in colour to protect your seeds from unwanted light exposure.
  2. Control Temperature: Store your cannabis seeds in a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature. A temperature of around 40-45°F (4-7°C) is the most ideal. As mentioned above, avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, such as extreme heat or cold, as this can harm your cannabis seeds. While some people may suggest freezing cannabis seeds, it’s generally not recommended.
  3. Maintain Proper Humidity: The relative humidity in your storage area should ideally be around 5-9%. You might want to consider investing in a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. You can also add desiccants like silica gel packets to help maintain low humidity within your storage containers but be cautious not to over dry the cannabis seeds.
  4. Label Your Containers: Clearly label your containers with the cannabis strain name, date of acquisition and any other relevant information, making it easy to identify your seeds without having to open the containers.
  5. Store in a Dark Place: Keep your seeds in a dark container to shield them from harmful UV light. This is an important step to preserve their genetic integrity of your marijuana seeds.
  6. Check and Rotate Your Seeds: Periodically check your stored seeds for any signs of damage or mould and rotate your stock by using the older seeds first to ensure you’re always working with fresh seeds, a simple yet important step to consider.
Storing Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis buds stored in mason jars

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Storing Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to storing cannabis seeds there are several common mistakes that should be avoided, we discuss these below:

  1. Excessive Handling: Excessive handling of seeds can cause physical damage so it’s advised to only touch your seeds when necessary.
  2. Inadequate Labelling: If you fail to label your containers properly this can lead to confusion and the loss of important strain information.
  3. Temperature Fluctuations: Dramatic temperature changes can harm your seeds so keep the temperature consistent.
  4. Ignoring Humidity: Neglecting humidity control can lead to mould and so it’s important to monitor and maintain proper humidity levels.
  5. Using the Wrong Containers: Inappropriate storage containers can expose your seeds to unwanted light, oxygen, and moisture.

So, what have we learnt about seed storage?

To conclude, properly storing cannabis seeds is a vital step in ensuring the success of your cultivation efforts. By understanding the factors that affect seed viability and following the best practices for seed storage, you can maintain the genetic integrity of your cannabis strains and increase your chances of growing a healthy cannabis plant or whole crop.

Remember to keep your seeds in a dark, cool and stable environment while using airtight containers and monitor humidity levels to avoid unwanted moisture. With these practices in place, you’ll be better prepared to start your cannabis growing journey!

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