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How To Make Feminised Cannabis Seeds

How to Make Feminised Cannabis Seeds
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Cannabis cultivation has evolved significantly over the years, becoming increasingly more popular as some countries begin to relax regulations around cannabis cultivation and cannabis use, with one of the most sought after advancements being the development of feminised cannabis seeds. Feminised seeds ensure that plants will be female, which is important for high quality cannabis production. Let’s delve a little deeper into the methods and science behind creating feminised cannabis seeds along with some of the benefits of working with them.

Why Are Feminised Cannabis Seeds Important?

Feminised marijuana seeds have gained a lot of popularity among cultivators for many reasons:

  • Guaranteed Female Plants: When growing from regular cannabis seeds, there’s a 50/50 chance that the plant will be male, which does not produce the desired buds for consumption. Feminised marijuana seeds on the other hand eliminate this uncertainty and ensure that every plant is a female.
  • Efficiency: Cultivating female plants directly leads to higher yields of cannabinoid-rich flowers making it a much more efficient way to grow cannabis.
  • Resource Management: By eliminating the male plants, this allows growers to allocate their space and growing resources more effectively as they can focus solely on female plants.
  • Breeding and Genetics: Producing feminised seeds is important for cannabis breeding and genetic preservation as it allows experienced growers to enhance specific traits and characteristics.

The Methods For Creating Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Colloidal Silver:

Colloidal Silver is a popular method for producing feminised cannabis seeds. It involves using a solution of colloidal silver to stress a female cannabis plant into producing male flowers. Here’s how to do it:


    • Female cannabis plant
    • Colloidal silver solution
    • Spray bottle
    • Protective gear


    1. Choose a female cannabis plant in its vegetative stage.
    2. Spray the plant with the colloidal silver solution.
    3. Apply the solution directly to the plant’s branch tips or bud sites.
    4. Continue this treatment daily until the plant starts to show signs of male flower production (pollen sacs).
    5. Once male flowers have developed, carefully collect the pollen from the plant.
    6. Use the pollen to pollinate another female cannabis plant. This plant will produce feminised seeds.
    7. Allow the seeds to fully develop before harvesting.


This is a natural way to create feminised cannabis seeds without the use of external substances. It involves allowing a female cannabis plant to remain in the flowering stage longer than usual which can lead to self pollination.


    • Female cannabis plant
    • Growing space


    1. Choose a female cannabis plant
    2. As the plant reaches harvest time, intentionally delay harvesting by one to two weeks. The extended flowering period will stress the plant.
    3. Some of the female flowers may develop male characteristics including pollen sacs.
    4. It may self-pollinate leading to the development of feminised seeds.
    5. Allow the seeds to fully mature before harvesting them.

Gibberellic Acid (GA3):

Gibberellic Acid is a synthetic plant growth regulator that can be used to induce female cannabis plants to produce male flowers.


    • Female cannabis plant
    • Gibberellic Acid (GA3)
    • Distilled water
    • Spray bottle
    • Protective gear


    1. Select a female cannabis plant in its vegetative stage.
    2. Prepare the GA3 solution by dissolving the GA3 powder in distilled water according to the manufacturers instructions.
    3. Spray the GA3 solution onto the female plant’s branch tips or bud sites.
    4. Continue this treatment daily until the plant starts to develop male flowers in the form of pollen sacs.
    5. Collect the pollen from the female plant once the male flowers have formed.
    6. Use the collected pollen to fertilise another female cannabis plant. This plant will produce feminised seeds.
    7. Allow the seeds to fully mature before harvesting them.
Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Feminised Cannabis Seed Cultivation

Advantages of Using Feminised Seeds

  • Guaranteed Female Plants: As mentioned earlier, by using feminised seeds, you no longer need to identify and remove male plants from your grow, ensuring that every plant in your garden produces valuable buds.
  • Space: You can optimise your growing space by removing unwanted male plants which allows you to cultivate more female cannabis plants.
  • Higher Quality Buds: Female cannabis plants are known for producing more potent and resinous buds making them ideal for both recreational and medicinal use.
  • Genetic Preservation: Creating feminised seeds enables you to preserve and enhance the genetic traits of your preferred strains which provides consistency in your harvests.
  • Reduced Pollination Risk: With no male plants present, the risk of accidental pollination is minimised.

What is The Future For Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

Creating feminised cannabis seeds is a valuable skill as it offers greater control, efficiency and genetic preservation of your cannabis plants. By using a range of different methods you can ensure that every plant that you grow is female, leading to higher yields of buds.

The ability to produce feminised seeds is a valuable asset for commercial growers as it opens the door to endless possibilities for new strain development and genetic preservation, with many cannabis seed brands combining different strains to make new ones, Barney’s Farm is a fine example of this. These Dutch breeders have created some of the finest strains around today, including the famous Acapulco Gold, a hybrid strain which has won a number of awards.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we have seen some regulations relaxing worldwide. As some governments embrace cannabis for its economic and medical potential, new opportunities are arising for breeders and the taboo around smoking weed is very slowly lifting. This slow transformation shows signs of hope for the future of innovation and growth in the cannabis sector.

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