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Cashew Kush

From: Sensi Seeds Research

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  • This strain has perfect hybrid genetics at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.
  • This plant is suitable for all levels of consumers from newbies to experts.
  • This one is a real all rounder with effects that are both social and very relaxing.

Cashew Kush Description

Cashew Kush is an unusual blend of Do Si Dos, Mendo Breath and Kush. These genetics give consumers the best of both worlds. This heavy yielder has perfectly balanced genetics at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

This strain offers users a classy flavour palette. Cashew Kush mixes fresh zesty lemon with strong earthy pine. And of course, a strain named Cashew Kush has plenty of nutty flavours in the mix too.

The pleasant tastes make Cashew Kush a great strain for social settings. The effects of very similar to that of Haze strains. There is a comfortable amount of mental stimulation that is sure to get the conversation flowing. This cerebral buzz stands out from other Sativa strains though. Cashew Kush also brings on a long-lasting body stone, which also makes it very suitable for evening use both alone or with friends.

This plant is perfect for both novices and cannabis experts alike. Most people will be able to get some great results out of this plant regardless of their skill level. These feminised will not disappoint consumers looking for powerful female plants.

Cashew Kush Characteristics

Pack Size1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
CBD ContentUnknown
Cup WinnerNo
Plant HeightTall
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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