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Sour Tangie

From: Reserva Privada
  • This plant is regarded as one of the most popular Sativa strains of all time.
  • Sour Tangie has a unique terpene profile that gives it orange and diesel flavours.
  • The highest ever THC content recording from this plant is a whooping 30%.

Sour Tangie Description

Sour Tangie sometimes goes by Sunva. But no matter what you want to call it, this plant is one of the most popular Sativa on the market today. This strain is the result of crossing two equally popular strains in Tangie and Sour Diesel.

This classic Sativa leaning strain brings with it a high THC content. This plant takes from its parent plant Tangie with an uplifting buzz. Many love this strain for its creative and elevating high. The strain also has great effects that also increase focus. Sour Tangie’s effects are perfect to get your day kick-started.

Due to its high THC content, it is recommended to start slow with Sour Tangie. Inexperienced smokers can sometimes feel paranoia or nausea.

As with many of Sour Diesel’s offspring, Sour Tangie has that classic aroma that old-school cannabis heads will love. This plant has a strong fuel aroma like its parent strain. This is also paired with a more refreshing citrusy scent and flavour of orange. Despite this sour flavour, Sour Tangie makes for an easy smooth smoke.

Sour Tangie Characteristics

Pack Size3 Seeds, 6 Seeds, 13 Seeds
THC ContentUnknown
CBD ContentUnknown
Cup WinnerYes
GeneticsMostly Sativa
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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