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Northern Lights

From: Phoenix Seeds
  • Northern Lights is one of the most famous medicinal cannabis strains in the world.
  • This plant's Indica genetics brings on a relaxing effect, perfect for chilled evenings.
  • Even novice consumers have fantastic success on their very first try will this plant.

Northern Lights Description

When it comes to medicinal cannabis strains, Northern Lights stands out from the crowd. This plant has become beloved and famous for its strong medicinal benefits. This strain will delight recreational users too with its Indica leaning genetics.

This plant brings a down-tempo chilled sensation. Users love how this while doing some chilled activities like tai-chi, yoga and meditation. This plant is great for an evening smoke with its relaxing effects.

Medicinally this plant has earned some high praise for treating the likes of pain, depression and stress. This is a strain for users who need that extra little bit of Zen in their lives.

This plant has a very classic cannabis taste. The flavours are very earthy with plenty of pungent pine aromas. This plant’s odour and flavour will make you think of a relaxing walk in a Northern Forest.

Northern Lights is a great choice for new cannabis consumers. This plant is considered easy to handle. Even new consumers should have some excellent success with their very first yields.

Cannabis Strain: Northern Lights

Northern Lights Characteristics

Pack Size1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 100 Seeds
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Cup WinnerNo
GeneticsMostly Indica
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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