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Moroccan Beldia

From: Khalifa Genetics

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  • This hardy landrace strain is notorious for its tough and durable nature.
  • A strain famously used long ago in Morocco for producing old school blond hash.
  • Producing a very unusual smell this plant is frequently used by guerrilla growers.

Moroccan Beldia Description

Hailing from the Chefaouen Province in Morocco, Moroccan Beldia is one of the most well-known landrace strains on the globe. The strain is renowned by Riffian farmers for producing old-school Moroccan hash.

You will struggle to find a tougher strain than Moroccan Beldia. Due to years of withstanding the harsh Moroccan Rif this plant has adapted to harsh environments surviving high temperatures and on very little water.

No matter what is thrown at this hardy plant from droughts to high temperatures to poor soil, it has lived through it all.

Consumers love this strain for its sweet and floral smoke. Some users have reported a sweet honey-like taste from Moroccan Beldia’s smoke with minty and spicy undertones. The unique smell is not your typical cannabis smell, which lends its hand nicely to guerrilla growers.

Moroccan Beldia is one of the faster flowering Sativas and packs some smooth Sativa effects. The clear-headed buzz gives the user a cheerful, focused relaxation of the body and mind.

Moroccan Beldia Characteristics

Pack Size3 Seeds, 6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 24 Seeds
THC ContentVery Low (0-5%)
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
CBD ContentMedium (1-5%)
Cup WinnerNo
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time7-9 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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