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Sundae Driver S1

From: Divine Genetics
  • The strain has become popular over the years due to its amazing taste and smell.
  • Sundae Driver is best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening.
  • Sundae Driver is known as one of the most unique smelling strains in the world.

Sundae Driver S1 Description

Sundae Driver S1 is a phenomenally popular strain and for good reason. This plant is a very well-balanced hybrid strain that comes from Divine Genetics crossbreeding FPOG and Cherry Pie. The result is a sweet fruity flower that is sure to leave users uplifted and happy.

The strain has become extremely popular over the years due to its amazing taste and smell. Smoking on a little bit of Sundae Driver leaves users with a mouth full of rich fruity flavours like grape and dark berries. Many report flavours of vanilla ice cream and sometimes even cereal milk. One thing is for sure your taste buds are in for a treat.

Many love this one as it does come in with a high THC content of 20% however isn’t overwhelming. Sundae Driver’s effects consist of a nice bright head high and a strong body high.

You will be left both physically and mental chilled but still not completely sedated. Sundae Drive makes for a great late afternoon or evening smoke.

Sundae Driver develops a beautiful bounty of green buds and purple leaves in 8-9 weeks on average.

Sundae Driver S1 Characteristics

Pack Size10 Seeds
THC ContentVery High (20%+)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Cup WinnerNo
GeneticsMostly Indica
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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