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We have some of the best CBD extracts, cannabis concentrates, Wax, Crumble, Paste and Isolate available to the UK market. We stock the highest quality, cheapest CBD extracts and cannabis concentrates, and all of our products are third party laboratory tested for quality control and certify they have the correct Cannabidiol and THC content. All of our hemp extracts are sourced from licensed UK or EU suppliers and contain under 0.2% THC.

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What is CBD Wax?

Wax is just another way to consume Cannabidiol, but there are so many terms and names for different CBD extracts things can get a bit confusing – Wax, crumble, budder, live resin, it can be difficult to keep on track! So what is the difference between oil and wax, and why would taking cannabis crumble extract be preferable to CBD oil?

Oil and Wax are both cannabis concentrates or CBD extracts. Their extraction methods are nearly identical but the result of the product is different. All of the extracts on our website use a natural and organic CO2 extraction process which ensures a higher quality product without any trace of chemicals or other harsh ingredients. Once the Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp flower the concentrate is whipped to make wax, whereas CBD oil takes on a slightly different manufacturing process.

How to Use Cannabis Crumble

Dabbing is the most popular method using Wax or Crumble. Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of Wax until it vaporises then inhaling the vapour. To use cannabis crumble you will need a dabbing rig or dabbing pen. You can also use wax in cannabis edibles or it can be used to bolster your flower.

Benefits of Cannabis Wax

All of the cannabis wax crumble that is sold on Bud Champion is highly concentrated and incredibly potent. This means you only need a very small amount of crumble to get your desired dose of Cannabidiol. Wax crumble comes in a small container and can easily fit in your pocket or handbag making it a convenient choice for dabbers on the move. Wax is very fast acting and delivers your dose of Cannabidiol pretty much instantly. It also tastes great too.

What is CBD Isolate?

Isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99% pure Cannabidiol. Isolate is the purest form of Cannabidiol available, it contains only CBDA and it is the result of removing ALL of the plant matter contained in the industrial hemp plant including oils, waxes, chlorophyll and all other plant based material. The finished product is a pure CBD extract or cannabis concentrate called CBD Isolate.

In order to get the Cannabidiol out of the industrial hemp plant, it needs to be extracted. Our reputable suppliers use CO2 to extract the Cannabidiol from the plant, but after the initial process the extract still contains a lot of plant material. In order to make isolated Cannabidiol a purification process is undertaken which filters any further plant matter from the extract. After filtration, the extracted Cannabidiol goes through what’s known as a “winterisation process” which remove any remaining oils, plant material, wax or chlorophyll from the extract. CBD Isolate contains 0.0% THC and has 990mg Cannabidiol content per 1gm of Isolate.

What is CBD Paste Extract?

Hemp paste (also referred to as Cannabis Extract) is a convenient way to take Cannabidiol. CBD paste or cannabidiol paste is a paste with a high percentage of CBD content. The Cannabidiol in hemp paste is extracted using CO2 extraction from the industrial hemp plant. Pastes are usually sold in a syringe and come in a variety of strengths and sizes. You can store it in the refrigerator and it has a long shelf-life meaning you don’t need to use it all at once.

The best way to take Cannabidiol paste, like many other CBD extracts and cannabis concentrates is under the tongue. It’s advised to take before you eat. Similar to taking cannabis oil, drop a serving of paste under the tongue, hold it there for about a minute and then swallow whatever is remaining. There isn’t a “fixed” serving of paste, but all of our Cannabis extract suppliers provide instructions to follow inside or on the back of their packaging.

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