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If you are a beginner to Cannabis Sativa, you should give our popular cannabis edibles a try. We stock a broad range of Cannabidiol edibles which are infused with Cannabidiol and other important cannabinoids. Every Edible is made from the highest quality hemp flowers, extracts and concentrates and some of the most popular cannabis food on our website include Cookies, Cakes, CDB Gummies, lollipops, Drinks and Beverages.

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Buy CBD Edibles Online

We have a fantastic selection of marijuana infused edibles for sale on our website that come in a variety of forms including drinks, chocolates, sweets and food items. Our food and drink is made from the very highest quality hemp flower and concentrates which provides users an easily ingested hit of pure Cannabidiol for a simple on-the-go hit. All of the weed food for sale on the website follow strict UK and EU legislation and contain under 0.2% THC content. All of our cannabis edibles are created with care and follow strict food production procedures also.

Whether you are looking for Cannabidiol infused baked goods, beverages, tea, candies or chocolate bars, you will be able to find the cannabis edibles you are looking for on our website. We only list high quality products from reputable suppliers and all of the edibles for sale we have tried and tested personally. All of the cannabis edibles have a longer than usual shelf-life, so rest assured, if you don’t want to eat them all at once they will last for a long time too!

If you want to start out with Cannabidiol, then take a look at our popular selection of natural and organic weed snacks. We deliver cannabis edibles directly to your door in the UK and as for most of the weed edible products on our website are available for express day delivery. Whether you want cannabis cookies, weed candy, cannabis seeds or nuts, weed or hemp tea or any other marijuana infused food we can help.

Types of Weed Edibles

There’s a broad choice when it comes to choosing the right edible. It can be confusing to know where to start with such a diverse selection of cannabis edibles for sale on the market. There are CBD gummies for when you fancy a sweet snack, fizzy drinks and fruit cordials for when you’re thirsty and many other infused edibles such as cakes, cookies and chocolate. Let’s take a look at the different types of weed edible that are available so you can make an informed decision.

Cannabis Cookies – We have a large selection of marijuana cookies includes delicious Space Cake Cookies, Hashish Cookies, White Widow Cookies, Euphoria Cookies and many more. All of the cookies and edibles we sell are baked to the highest of quality and most have a long shelf life of up to 18 months.

Cannabis Sweets – Medicate with delicious weed sweets like CBD Gummies, Gummy Bears, Chocolate Bars, Fizzy Sweets, lollipops, boiled cannabis sweets, cannabis chewing gum and cola cubes. We also have lots of of other sweet marijuana edibles that we are constantly adding to our list of cannabis edibles on the website – all which taste great and provide high quality extract as a core ingredient.

Hash Cake or Space Cake – Enjoy cakes and muffins infused with CBD Oil from our range of baked goods and cannabis edibles. We have hash cakes, Mary Jane Hash Muffins, space cake and many other CBD-infused baked goods. Just browse the category to find baked marijuana edibles that are perfect for any occasion.

Cannabis Infused Drinks – Cannabis drinks are often consumed for medicinal purposes because they contain Cannabidiol that relaxes and focuses the body for healing. Our menu of cannabis drinks includes Weed Teas, CBD Coffees, soft drinks, coconut drinks, flavoured water, mojito and energy drinks. For weed edibles and carbonated cannabis drinks – you can find what you need at Bud Champion.com.

How Can Cannabis Edibles Help Me?

Cannabis Edibles, as the name suggests contain the cannabinoid Cannabidiol. We recommend eating your weed edibles on a fairly empty stomach, this helps the body absorb the maximum Cannabidiol as possible which will help lead to a heightened sense of relaxation, calm and bliss. Browse the category to find high quality, laboratory tested weed infused food from all over the world.

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