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Monster Bruce Banner Auto

From: Monster Genetics
  • Monster Bruce Banner Auto is a potent Sativa leaning cannabis strain.
  • Many enjoy these buds for their strong relaxing effects and bod stone.
  • Monster Bruce Banner Auto does need a little extra space to fully flourish.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Description

If Monster Genetics’ mission was to provide consumers with the perfect high-yielding, auto-flowering plant, then mission accomplished. Monster Bruce Banner Auto is a potent Sativa leaning strain that offers balanced effects.

Given the Monster Bruce Banner Auto’s parent strains of OG Kush, Auto Diesel XXL and Fast and Vast you can be certain of quality buds. Experts advise leaving Big Bruce Banner with a little extra space to flourish. While these plants are very manageable, they can get big from time to time.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto may have a sweet citrusy aroma in the garden but that is no hint to its classic flavour profile. This plant retains much of its parent strain genes with tastes of kush, diesel and many earthy notes. Monster Bruce Banner Auto is certain to delight those who love some strong-tasting buds.

When it comes to effects this green monster certainly packs a punch just like his namesake. Monster Bruce Banner Auto induces a particularly powerful body stone. This eventually mellows out as users become even more relaxed.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Characteristics

Pack Size3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds
THC ContentVery High (20%+)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Cup WinnerNo
GeneticsMostly Sativa
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Growing EnvironmentGreenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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